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As I stood in the middle of the hotel lobby up on the 7th floor, setting up lights for our next set, I waited patiently for Nikki to come out with her next outfit on. At first when I half jokingly mentioned that we should go outside of the hotel room for the next shot, I really didn’t expect her to say “Sure!” Nikki had based her decision on shooting a boudoir session with me to surprise her husband for his birthday with a calendar. Not only a wife, but a mom as well, I really didn’t expect her to go far out of her comfort zone, but there I was, setting everything up by the lobby window that was all the way across the hotel room door, not to mention with two very active elevators to the right, excitedly jumping from one floor to the next. But then she walked out, Beautiful Miss Nikki, striding across the lobby, unfathomed and calm as ever, and we began this crazy request of mine. Of course, so did the ringing of these elevators that indicated their arrival on a specific floor and kept us guessing on whether it was our turn to bolt for the door or just keep shooting. As we made our way through two sets and two outfit changes, using the enormous window, curtains, and those blazing red doors as unique backgrounds, I couldn’t help but make Hotel Icon my official new favorite in Houston.

Looking back on it now, I can only smile at the fact that I was probably more nervous than Nikki and her friends there combined, in fear that someone could possibly come out of a hotel elevator, and yell “Surprise!” But of course that didn’t happen. And Nikki…well, I think the images speak for her 🙂


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