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As I take a swift look through old dusted hard-drives dug up from centuries of boxes in my closet, I am taken back to the good old crazy days where I took pictures for school assignments and could run from the beach to my apartment in the blink of an eye. Sweet California has forever imprinted its heart in my dreams, as the memories of sun rays, leave a sweet taste on my lips every time I breathe ocean air. Coming back to reality, *clears throat* the Weekly Friday Teaser is here! Which means, it’s the weekend and puts me in a quadruple of a smiley mood! Yes, I said smiley, but my point is this: inhale, relax, and enjoy what’s to come for the next couple of days 😀
So, to start this beautiful invented Friday tradition, I would like to share my very first random images taken for a class when I was still a tiny lil’ one. From now on, Fridays will show image teasers of past work, current work in progress, or anything that might have gone misplaced and lost in heaps of files between folders somewhere, things that have absolutely nothing to do with boudoir.

The very first image here is the only one that is actually a composite of about 6 images. (I’m not a huge fan of retouching, but it must have been on a rainy day where I had too much time on my hands.)

The following series are captured in camera as you see them (with the exception of the one above) and are referred to as “light traces.” It’s a strategy used to paint with light by tying a flashlight into the ceiling, turning off the lights to a completely dark room, and having the shutter of your camera controlled manually as you begin to swing your light source in many different directions.

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There’s definitely something mystical about creating these sort of light paintings. It’s an art of letting go of control, where the only thing you can do is guide the direction the light is going for the next round of circles. Mmmm, my metaphor for life.



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