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The Weekly Friday Teaser! Ok just a quicky, because I promised at least one image every friday! This is an actual composite…DONE ON FILM! Yes, centuries ago, back in the day about 200 thousand years ago 😉 No but seriously, it really was a combination of Film transfer (polaroid on a 4×5 camera) done on a black and white hand printed image (35mm film) in the darkroom.

Models: Claudia D. & Ali T.

Of course it has now been perfected through the art of photoshop and blended in a lot better, so I thought I’d share what random things I used to do just for fun!

On another note, I have two weddings to shoot this weekend! Woohooo, it is going to be awesome and crazy, and I’m going to go home like a little ball, full of food and cake 😀
Love it!




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