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Oy oy! Greetings to all! I’m not quite sure how you say all that in Irish, but I’m sure I’m almost on the right path đŸ™‚ lol

So Julie, who is here all the way from Ireland is visiting this beautiful town to witness her sister get married aaaaaaand create a surprise boudoir album for her fiancee on their wedding night! I think it’s a brilliant idea, since she’s calling it “an american tradition!” Since this was her first boudoir shoot she had ever experienced, I wanted to make it extra special and we got together last weekend with 2 of her friends and just ran around all over her house in the Woodlands, going from pool tables, to wine cellars, and kitchen tables (oops!). It was so fun with the help of her friends, and although I wish I could share more images, I have to wait patiently so that no secret is revealed. Her fiancee has absolutely NO idea what he’s in for:

Congrats Julie, I can’t wait to show you the final designed album!



To view more boudoir sessions photographed around the country, view my website at www.studio-cq.com.