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I had to write a blog post on this beautiful, unique day this year. It’s not officially an actual celebration kind-of-day, yet it’s definitely one of those “feel good” days that happens to fall on a Friday. (Not to mention that whole triple 11 thing…what’s that about? Are we living in the greatest century or what? 😉 ) Plus I just got back from shooting another beautiful lady a few hours ago, and I just have to say this: I cannot wait until I get to post those images later!

Ok, I know I’m a bit behind on blog posts, yet with Christmas only a few more weeks away, this studio has been crazy busy and I’m playing catch up just about every day. With that said, I wanted to officially announce that I will be leaving to Munich, Germany on December 13th as I’m getting several more requests intimate portrait sessions, that I will unfortunately not be able to do until I get back. Ladies, please plan ahead (think maybe Valentine’s Gift for the future) as all our albums take at least one month to design.

I’ll be back January 11th, yet you can all still reach me through email (blessed be the internet, I don’t know how I could live without it at this point.)

Like always, this post will not just be words-how could they be? So here is another little teaser for a calendar I’m currently designing!

Wishing everyone a safe and happy start to this amazing weekend ahead!


To view more boudoir sessions photographed around the country, view my website at www.studio-cq.com.