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Whew, what a month! I can officially say, I’m happy today is the last day though 🙂 Working with deadlines has always been fun for me…I’m not sure whether it’s the added challenge, or just that little kick of stress that helps me work like a ninja with 3 hands, but I hope I painted quite a picture here. Anyway, almost done with everything before I leave to Germany–I can’t wait!

Meanwhile, somewhere in Texas:

This is of course, an image I converted into a drawing, something I rarely do in post-production, but only because of the limited time I have sometimes. Regardless, it looks really dreamy in print! I’m starting a whole 12×18 collection of big beautiful nature prints that will soon be hung up in various areas. Very exciting project, but it will take a little time before it comes to develop better…wishing everyone a happy Wednesday!


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