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I remember the first time I picked up a camera to shoot the Niagara Falls. Actually, that wasn’t the first time I ever picked up a camera, nonetheless, it’s a great story, so I’ll continue! Ok, so there I was with my mother, and my cousin, and aunt who had both come to visit New York for their first time in our lives. I was barely 11 years old, had just moved to Boston, Massachusetts, so this was the first time we all took a trip to all the north-eastern states and ended in Toronto, Canada. We were shooting pretty little pictures, throwing the bunny ears all over our snap shots, ooo-ing and aahh-ing at just about everything we were seeing. Then my mother asked: “Carolina, come here, take the picture! I want to be in it too!” I pressed the shutter as they smiled proudly, showing off the Niagara Falls behind them. And as they walked away, I stayed behind to just take in the beauty of that mighty water crashing below the surface. I could smell the fresh air sifting all around me. Feel the sprinkles of the water hitting my face lightly. See the amazing elegance that nature truly was. And I couldn’t help but want to remember that moment forever, so I took my very first picture that had meaning-just for me. And as my aunt turned around to look for me, she saw that I took the image and said: “Carolina! Why did you take that picture? It’s not a picture if people aren’t in it!”

I think back on that moment sometimes and just have to laugh. Who would have ever thought I would become a photographer? The funny thing is that I don’t even know what this story has to do with these images! 🙂 But in a way, I guess it does. You see, as a professional photographer, people hire me to take their portraits, capture their weddings, and record an important moment in their lives. Yet for me, beauty is in the simple fact that we are alive. It surrounds us everyday if we choose to see it. And yes, everyone is beautiful, just as they are. And amazingly enough, I have the privilege to freeze moments, even for one split second of time. Every time I get to go back to Germany, it truly fascinates me how differently I view that city of life. And the best part, is that I am free to capture what my heart sees. The moments of everyday living-the seconds that aren’t posed, but happen all by themselves. Those moments that show just how perfect the world truly is through it’s light, and through it’s darkness.

I know I’ve been blabbering on about how I want to upload images every time I take a trip somewhere. Unfortunately, I don’t get that luxury of time to sort through them and pick my favorites. Well guess what? I made the time today. So I hope you enjoy seeing something a little different than what I usually upload. I guess you could call these real life images. Some with people in them. Some without…

Germany & Austria 2011-2012.
Happy almost weekend to all!

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