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…at least once in your life!

One of the best things about my job is after it’s all said and done. After the meetings, the emails, and maybe even phone calls, the planning, the contract, and the actual session, the halo-music-playing-in-the-background-moment is when my clients first see their products. We meet, we chat, and then BAM! There it is.

The expression in itself gives off that kind of energy that makes me smile and know that it was all worth it. So why the title? Why “Reasons You Should Do a Boudoir Session at Least Once In Your Life!” ? I want to share with you the wonderful note that one of my past clients sent to me the other day. She flew down from Ireland to do this boudoir shoot so she could surprise her fiancé with an incredible wedding gift the night they would get married:

“Carolina is an absolute gem! From the first introductory email to the final product, she was reliable, consistent and a pleasure to work with. I wanted to give my fiancé something he’d really treasure for his wedding present. When a friend of mine recommended doing a boudoir session with Carolina, I was a bit uneasy. I’ve always seen myself as a sporty, ordinary girl. I’ve never felt sexy or elegant, so I was apprehensive as to if I would be suitable for boudoir. But when I met Carolina, I instantly relaxed. She was bubbly, positive and attentive to my concerns with my body. She allowed me to put away all my worries about the session and just have fun. It was an amazing experience, but the biggest reward arrived after our shoot when I was able to see my pictures. Her ability to capture your innate beauty is unbelievable! This experience has allowed me to see myself as the beautiful woman I have become. Even better, my fiancé will have a wonderful keepsake of this special time in our lives. All in all, boudoir is a life-changing experience, and Carolina is a talented, fabulous gal with keen attention to showcasing your best bits! 🙂 “ ~ Julie G.


Thank you for letting me be a part of such a great experience!

To view more boudoir sessions, view my website at www.studio-cq.com.