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This New Yorker couple flew down with all their friends and family members to celebrate their special day in the heart of Texas-I mean literally! For Angie, this is where home was, no matter what their personal lives were like in the busy cities of Manhattan.

They didn’t hesitate one minute to announce to everyone that: the day was finally here! With anxious anticipation, Angie did everything she could to remember to breath, while Dan was so nervous getting ready upstairs, that his brother finally sat him down to help him get his cuff links and tie on. Yet everything seemed to click into place as the two of them glided from room to room getting everything ready.

And then, that beautiful moment they both anticipated finally arrived. All the amazing stories that had made them who they are, and how they had found each other were revealed in their vows. Through tears they read some of the most heart-warming love notes about how they had waited years for that one perfect person to appear in their lives, years for the right time to make it official with each other, and then many more years past all the working hours in a busy city life… Yet there they were-they had made it. As they looked at each other and smiled, I knew that this was that one moment they would remember forever.

Here is their story:

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And a happy week to everyone!