“The power in a belief can be a thin line that dances between determination and irresolution. Yet the power of a true decision only stands in the present moment, where choice-therefore, change, can always be influenced.”


About 4 days ago, I began the journey of my 2013. A good friend of mine once told me, that it is a good practice to review the things you leave behind for the last year that is coming to an end, and reflect on the good things that were achieved. What things need change; what things need appreciation. So in honor of that, I set 12 different goals for myself this year-1 for each month to be accomplished-goals of things that I’ve either always wanted to do, things that are dear to my heart, and even things that I am absolutely terrified of doing.

The only thing I have to say is that I am truly surprised for all that I have learned through this entire process. To start of my January, I went on a 3-day fast of pure natural fruit juices and water. Throughout those days, things were not easy, as I battled headaches, pain, sleep, and my frustrations with discipline (trust me, I LOVE food!). But that was not the hardest battle of the process, not in any way. The “fact” that we may not appear the way we “aught” to, is no mean to measure our true value. I realized that I had set war against my body over these past couple of years- a constant bombarding of un-accepting thoughts, a form of reasoning rather, of things that I had not even noticed that had begun to manifest within my life. Despite this discovery, I was able to understand that even this would bring a new sort of acceptance to my development, to further allow me to truly appreciate this body and mind. It is true. Beauty is within everything…

So I will not go on and on about all that could be and was. All I know is that it starts with acceptance, which will in turn lead to everything else. I have learned something amazing about what it truly means to honor all aspects of the self. And with that said, I would like to announce that this year, I will definitely be dedicating a lot more time to what I love (hint, hint, photography 😉 )
~ Here’s to a mesmerizing 2013 ~