Welcome and thank you for checking out my blog. My name is Carolina Quesquen and I am the owner and lead photographer for this international studio based in Houston, Texas. We specialize in high-end boudoir and wedding photography and also cover portrait sessions, fashion shoots, food photography, and the occasional commercial product sessions as well. So why boudoir and weddings? Well, my mission with my work is to bring a little love to everyone. Love for yourself, love for your life and an appreciation for the divine being that you truly are 🙂

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It is my mission to shed new light to what is considered beautiful, to bring a self-love to those who choose to experience a CQP session. This is photography taken to the next level. Express yourself in ways you never thought possible…Do something you’ve always imagined…Through the discovery of you!

Intrigued? Give me a call and we can discuss setting up your personalized session and start by drawing out all the plans to that perfect photo shoot for you! Questions and comments are always welcome:

(832) 444-3966

Cheers to life!

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