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Greetings on this wonderful Saturday! I have the day off as of right now and decided to post some marvelous images I was just editing, and wanted to share them today!

So with your bridal session coming up, you want to make sure you can get the most out of it, right? Well, here are a couple of pointers for the bride to be! Actually, this is the perfect opportunity to have a mini wedding rehearsal with your dress, makeup, and hair done, that can include just about anything else you want there for you on the day of the actual wedding! You will not only get some of the most fabulous images of yourself, but also get the chance to test out all your hired stylists and see what it’s like to work with them!

I’ve put together a few tips of certain things that you may want to check through before the day you have your bridal session and actual wedding as well:


How important is hair you ask? It can make all the difference! Do you want it up, do you want it down, how curly do you want, or are there any specific designs to the way it should look? And how long does it truly take to do everything you want for the style you’re seeking for? The stylist will most definitely give you the answer to all these questions if you seek help, and if they’re exceptionally great, they will most definitely keep within their time frame. But sometimes, just sometimes, you should deal in with some delays, especially if there are smaller children involved or it’s a huge bridal party. Most importantly though, you should get an idea of what your hair style will look like on the day of the wedding, and getting that hairstyle done before the wedding day, can work in great benefits for you.

Let me give you this quick real-life example of why it may be a good idea to get a quick sample done at your Bridal Session as well. During one of my past bride’s Bridal Sessions, she decided to test out her look exactly how she wanted it for the wedding. (This is a huge tip for future brides, by the way!) She wanted to go completely natural, therefore, wanted her hair down as well as have some simple waves in her hair that would add volume to the whole look. When she arrived for the shoot, she was really happy with how it looked. Yet as the shoot progressed, she began to realize, just like her stylist had told her, that her hair began to come down and had less “umpf” in it. She said that if this is what the hair does after a 2-hour shoot, imagine what it would look like after an entire ceremony! Needless to say, on the day of her wedding she chose a completely different hairstyle.

Another quick tip: bring pictures. Yes, we love pictures! Well, I’m not a hairstylist, but all the ones I’ve worked with just adore having a sample of what the bride is expecting, even if afterwards they give it their own touch to the entire look! 😉


Let’s talk about makeup for a minute. I think here, communication is key! Your makeup artist should be a professional, therefore completely know all aspects of what accentuates your features in every way. We all have different shapes, colors, and forms to our faces, and it’s important that you try out what shades you want on your face and on your eyes, so when the big day comes, you can rest assured that he/she knows exactly what they’re doing. They know what it takes to make your eyes look a bit bigger or smaller if needed, or how to make your lips more luscious and beautiful, or can even help you choose that shade of color that will go perfect with your face.

(Also, some makeup artists charge extra for eyelashes, so make sure you let them know what you want on the day of your wedding just in case!)

Wedding Dress/Accessories

Ok, so you know how your dress fits you. But have you tried walking around in it for 3 hours? This is huge! Did you know, that the average weight of a wedding dress is 30 lbs? I was so bewildered by this information when I first found out. Again, going back to my past Bridal Session with Christina, she was extremely happy with everything—makeup-check. Hair-check. Nails-check. Dress…ummm, how do you get this thing on again? You will of course, have your bridesmaids, mom, or family members help you get it on if it’s one of the more complicated ones, but it’s always good to have this mini rehearsal so you know some things you may possibly stumble through. And let’s not forget accessories! You can take advantage of this time and make a check list: those special earrings, and that beautiful necklace that was gifted to you…or how about that something borrowed and something blue?

This checklist can be a huge stress-saver! (Is that even a word? 🙂 ) Once you know exactly what you want for your wedding, have worked with several of the vendors that will be with you on the day of, and have complete trust in their capabilities, you will feel more relaxed in knowing that things will look just as they should. Having that confidence in your vendors, makes a huge difference!

I hope this has helped you get an idea of how you can plan for that perfect Bridal Session. For your shoot, well, just have fun while you look fabulous and your photographer snaps some amazing photos of you! And make sure you bring your shoes so you know what it feels like to walk in them too!

Today’s images featured in this blog are of a Vintage Inspired Bridal Session we did of Vanessa at The Gallery-Houston Wedding and Event Venue. She was just fabulous, along with the team that made it all happen! Thank you everyone!

Hair: Lydia Coronado (

Makeup: JN Co Company (

Wardrobe: Brickhouse Bridal (

Accessories: Cosmik Souls Handcrafted Jewelry (

Flowers: Something Special in Flowers (

Location: The Gallery (

Happy Shopping Everyone! May the planning be as blissful as your wedding day!

A Billion Acts of Green | Destination Wedding and Boudoir Photographer


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Here’s to Earth Day! Which isn’t officially until 2 days, but I’m so excited about so many things at this moment. About 2 weeks ago, I planted some of my very first little seeds in my mini garden, and they are already sprouting! How amazing is that? Pardon my enthusiasm, but I’m not used to seeing something come to life right in front of my eyes! 🙂 And with Earth Day just around the corner, I had to check out A Billion Acts of Green and do my pledge “officially” (Below is the proof! 😉 ) those who truly know me, completely understand my huge passion for nature and anything that has to do with the earth. Being surrounded by beautiful green trees is a way to recharge and get away from a busy city-like day and is where I get all my thinking done. I feel that there is something very special in all that nature has to offer-the trees that sway through life, the plants and flowers that hold a magical beauty all on their own, the aroma in the fresh cut grass…even the lake on a beautiful sunset afternoon…yes, I’m a romantic, I have to admit it! If you want to cast your pledge to make our planet more green, or do an even greater act, make sure you check out this website: I think they’re a wonderful organization dedicated to making a change for our world.

Here’s a quick image that fits this moment perfectly!

These two were completely in love with the moment as I asked them to show me how they truly felt about each other. She threw her arms around him in the most natural way while he just grabbed onto her, taking in his wonderful bride.

I’ll be posting more of this lovely couple, Deena & Teong, next week so make sure you check back!

Happy Friday and Happy Earth Day too…I’ll be fishing this Sunday so wish me luck 😉

Heather & Richard | Destination Wedding and Boudoir Photographer


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They say that the color purple means passion and devotion. That it holds the significance of creating union on a balanced and complete level.  So let me start by saying, that there couldn’t have been a more perfect color to represent Heather and Richard’s Wedding! Their ceremony was one filled with many emotions as the entire event began to pan out. Richard wanted to value the most traditional aspects to a marriage, so the couple hadn’t talked or seen each other the entire day! And even though many beautiful surprises were waiting to unfold for Heather, she projected the most tranquil peace from within her that just made everyone smile while they watched her get ready.

Letting the pictures tell the rest!

Heather & Richard, March 24th, 2012

A wedding isn’t just a marriage. It’s a time where a couple comes together and through a very significant ceremony, they allow the people they value the most to witness an important event in their lives. It is a true privilege and honor when a couple chooses me to become a part of their wedding. To be the person that witnesses everything and puts it all together to tell their story. So Heather & Richard, please know that I wish the two of you many years of happiness, (many babies, and many grandchildren!) and most importantly, much love for the remainder of your years together.

The venue, Belle Rose Maison in Conroe.

Flower arrangements were made by Katie with The Charming Bouquet.

Hair  creations by Texas Hair Team near the Woodlands.

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Wedding Wire Rated! | Destination Wedding and Boudoir Photographer


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Carolina Quesquen Photography is now WeddingWire Rated for 2011

Houston, TX – March 26, 2012 – WeddingWire, the nation’s leading wedding technology company, is pleased to announce that Carolina Quesquen Photography is WeddingWire Rated 2011 for International Destination Wedding Photographer. WeddingWire Rated is an annual award program that distinguishes wedding vendors across the country for their excellence. Based on hundreds of thousands of recent wedding reviews, WeddingWire Rated is the most recognized and trusted brand among engaged couples looking to find the best local businesses for their wedding.

Carolina Quesquen Photography now has 3 reviews on WeddingWire. Reviews by our newlywed clients include detailed ratings and insightful descriptions about their experiences working with our business and staff. Our reviews provide transparency for potential clients, assisting them in making the most informed decisions for their big day.

“We are delighted to unveil the 5th annual WeddingWire Rated program,” said Timothy Chi, CEO, WeddingWire, Inc. ” Carolina Quesquen Photography has made a commitment to capturing their clients experiences on the nation’s leading wedding review site.”

As the largest site for wedding reviews, WeddingWire empowers engaged couples with the most comprehensive and trusted review system available. The WeddingWire Rated program provides Carolina Quesquen Photography with a simple platform to capture customer feedback from their wedding planning experience. Newly engaged couples can easily access all of the reviews for Carolina Quesquen Photography on We would like to thank our newlyweds for our WeddingWire Rated 2011 recognition.

For more information, please visit Carolina Quesquen Photography on WeddingWire at

For more information on WeddingWire Rated 2011, please visit


About WeddingWire, Inc.
WeddingWire, the nation’s leading technology company serving the $70 billion wedding industry, is the only online wedding planning resource designed to empower both engaged couples and wedding professionals. For engaged couples, WeddingWire offers the ability to search, compare and book over 200,000 local wedding vendors, from wedding venues to wedding photographers to wedding cakes. WeddingWire also offers an online community and a suite of cutting-edge planning tools for weddings, including wedding websites and wedding checklists, all at no charge. For wedding professionals, WeddingWire provides free online management tools creating the only market opportunity that gives local businesses control over their clients, reviews, leads and performance. Businesses that join the WeddingWire Network appear on and other leading sites, including, (NYSE: MSO),, and


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Marisa & Brad’s E-Session | Destination Wedding and Boudoir Photographer


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Hurray it’s Friday! I’m feeling a bit country today, not sure what that is about 🙂 Today, I’m going to be shy with words and let the story be told through these couple of teasers from Brad and Marisa’s engagement session held at Herman Park in Houston, TX.

Blessings to all of you on this wonderful day!

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Choosing the Right Boudoir Photographer | Destination Wedding and Boudoir Photographer


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I can’t believe how much I enjoy writing these articles each week, and the response I’m getting is just fabulous, so at least I know some people are reading these (even though feel free to comment and show me some love below too! 😉 )

I hope you have all had a very safe and re-charging weekend. I for one, am more than ready for today…because today, I start my workout program! Yep, 60 days of pure “Beachbody” and I am more than ready to work on myself to become a healthier and happier lady who will honor her body and health from this day forth! 😀

So with that said, in today’s article, I will give you a couple of tips on how to choose the perfect boudoir photographer for you and some important things to consider before you start on your own personal photo session.

Digital photography is one of the most popular forms of expressions in this new era, and becoming so common that you can hardly go anywhere without seeing at least one camera somewhere. And with boudoir photography or ‘pin-up’ sessions being re-introduced and becoming more acceptable in this generation, there are many photographers out there who now offer this type of service just about everywhere. So, in something as intimate as boudoir, it’s important to ask your photographer some very crucial questions before choosing the right one for you. 

A beautiful portfolio showcasing a style of work that you can see yourself in is a must! Can you picture yourself doing the things in the samples? Is the retouching overdone or is there something you don’t really like? By viewing their previous work, you will get a sample of how your images should look after your boudoir session. The photography style may vary from studio to studio and some boudoir photographers shoot more “spicy” images than others, so the question boils down to: what are you looking for? Do you like the classic pin-up look, or are you going for the more sensual style? Do you prefer your images to look tasteful and classy and how will emotions be captured? Remember, no professional will actually require a model release (a signed form stating you give official permission for the publications and use of your images) especially in boudoir photography, and it’s important to request this information before your actually session. You never know where your pictures may pop up with the Internet these days and there is little control of where they will appear after they have gone on the web.

It is also important to get someone who specializes in this field! You see, there are many steps that clients aren’t aware of when it comes to boudoir photography: makeup and hair services, retouching of images, who the images are intended for, helping the client with posing, lighting for the perfect body, different sets, and even outfits are all key in creating intimate portraits to set the mood, the feel, and the final look for your images.

The other day, a young aspiring photographer contacted me regarding a question about one of her upcoming boudoir sessions she was supposed to photograph. After I answered her in an email, I was surprised to receive an immediate response back asking me how to shoot a boudoir session step by step. She confessed that even though this was her first paying client in boudoir, that she was very nervous and that she didn’t know anything about how to set her prices, how to light for it, or even how to pose her client. She was doing everything possible to teach herself how to do this in the little time left before the actual shoot and was researching this field online because she did not want to “mess up.” Her specialty was family and kids portraits, and while her work was actually quite nice, she still didn’t know anything about this other field of photography.

Here’s an example: a dentist is a doctor; yet, he specializes in something completely different than a heart surgeon does, right? You wouldn’t let your dentist do a heart surgery on you and vice versa. The same applies to photographers. Some people can photograph just about anything, but you will be much happier with the results if you look for those who actually focus on a particular field.

I’ve listed some questions below that you can ask yourself (or the studio) before making the final decision on the right boudoir photographer for you:

• Do you prefer a male or a female to do your boudoir session?

• Does your photographer have experience in this field?

• Does the style and portfolio of the images match what you’re looking for?

• Are there different styles to shooting a boudoir session in case you’re not as comfortable?

• Does your photographer help you with the planning process of your session (outfits, concepts, etc.)

• Does your photographer provide a signed contract for the shoot?

• Do you have an option to include hair and makeup in your session?

• Where is the session going to be held (studio, on-location, home, hotel)?

• Can you bring someone with you to the shoot?

• Will you have the option to meet with your photographer to view the images personally or is everything done online?

• Is it required to sign a model release?

• Where on the internet will the images be posted, if you do sign a model release?

• Are the images retouched?

• Is retouching included in the price?

In the end, if you’re comfortable with your photographer, you may have just met your match! Choosing your photographer may not be the same as choosing your future husband, but it sure does help knowing a few things before you make this type of investment, since these images will be that token that reminds you of your flawless beauty forever 😉

Images featured in this blog are of the beautiful Miss Leila Cetina, Kassidy Menace, Samantha Flynn & Sabrina Sin, from the Haunted Heel Fashion Event in Kemah, TX last month. Make sure you check out the links below to see where you can go for these fabulous accessories (or if you liked the location of such a sassy place, because the owner is now renting out the space to us awesome artists to shoot at!).

I hope this helps you plan for your boudoir session!
Xo my loves,



Hostess: Sabrina Sin

Wardrobe: The Haunted Heel



1-Zone 504 Bar

2-The Wine Down Bistro

Other Sponsors: The Black Iguana

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Why an Engagement Session is Vital Before your Wedding Day | Destination Wedding and Boudoir Photographer


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Greetings everyone! I know I’ve been MIA for these past couple of days, but I’ve been moving and getting things set up in my new place, and although it’s been a fun and long process, I really miss talking about the story behind my photographs, so I’ve come back to this wonderful blog that I love so much 😀

Today I will talk about Engagement Sessions and why they are so very important to do before your actual wedding date. My very first reason: they are the last time you will have professional pictures taken of you and your sweetheart before you two tie the knot! You see, I’m not talking about the college pictures you and your honey get taken at an event by your uncle’s best-friends’ cousin. I’m talking about the images taken by an artist who specializes in the entire process, someone who actually puts some thoughts behind creating these lasting images that will be shared by other members from your family for many years! The planning behind an engagement session can be as elaborate as you want, and it’s a chance for your photographer to capture your true personality, as well as photograph the way the both of you were together before you became a married couple.

Another important reason: you get to know your photographer on a completely different level! No, not convincing? Let me tell you why this is important. Out of all the wedding vendors that you contact and hire for your special day, the photographer is actually the one you spend the most time with. He or she will be there from the time that your wedding starts up until they are to leave, so it’s important that you know how the photographer interacts with people as well as, YOU!

The beauty about photography is that every photographer has a different style. And most likely you have looked through thousands of websites to find the perfect one. And after meeting with your photographer, if the personality clicks, you most likely hire your favorite one. But that does not always mean that you know how your photographer handles a shoot with you or with anyone else. Not only will your wedding photographer come in contact with you throughout your big day, but also with your guests, your best friends, and your family as well.

Another huge factor: websites! Yes, they are enticing, they are so beautiful and full of color and the best images you’ve ever seen…but that’s exactly it. What if it’s only a collection of the best work someone has made throughout the past 7 years? When you do an engagement session, you truly do get to see how they capture you, what their style is, and you can communicate what YOUR style is, so expectations can be set forth from the very beginning, not on the day OF your wedding. You can tell your photographer what you’re comfortable doing, what you want to do and capture and things you don’t really like doing. An example: not all couples are the happy jumping type. You’ve seen the images where a couple holds hands and jumps off a rock or on a hill. They are fun (and some of my favorites to do actually) but there are couples out there that prefer not doing that and are more serene and want to do the romantics (like Ashley & Paul featured in these images above and below). Either way, there is nothing wrong with either style, but communication is key for your photographer to know what you expect on your wedding day. The things you miss talking about during your meeting when the contract is signed with your photographer will become apparent during an engagement session because you are actually in the process of doing a shoot, and you will remember certain things you may have missed before.

It is in my experience that no matter what kind of a photo session I do, the person in front of my lens is a little bit nervous at first. And if you’re barely getting to know your photographer on the day of your wedding, it’s going to feel a little weird having a stranger follow you around taking pictures of everything you do! In all my shoots, about 5 minutes in, all my clients just loosen up and become more like themselves, because I’m a real goofball and like to make people smile even when I tell them to be serious for a picture (so that’s my style of shooting, FYI!). And I don’t exactly follow the protocol of the formal “posed” pictures either (although I always make sure I do them too because that’s what mom and dad expect to see). Instead, I guide my clients into the poses and let them do whatever they want after that, so everything is natural and real…it usually works best and they all love me for it 🙂 But whoever you choose as your photographer for your wedding, make sure you feel comfortable with them, communicate your expectations, and talk everything out before the big day so there are no confusions.

You know, I truly do feel an engagement session helps a couple get a feel for their photographer, communicate what they expect during the wedding, as well as have that bit of trust that they look for to know that they have chosen the right person to capture one of the most important days in their lives. Here at CQP, I feel it is so important that I now actually include a complimentary engagement session in my wedding packages. A couple knows what to expect in pictures because they see it in their work, but for some reason there is always that little bit of doubt, as if they themselves couldn’t possibly look like the people on my website. Yet, once they see their engagement pictures they are so happy with the results, on the day of the wedding, they let me do anything I can think of (creative wise) because they now have complete trust in my abilities to make them look natural and absolutely fabulous!

Moral of the story? Do an engagement session! Depending on the studio of your chosen photographer, it may sometimes cost you a little bit more, but in the end everyone wins 🙂

This article featured images of Ashley & Paul by the way. These two weren’t one bit shy! Ashley was just up for anything and always did cute little poses by throwing her legs up, or really just grabbing her man when I asked her to love him (which totally just made the pictures) and Paul, big strong Paul was so patient and sweet throughout  everything Ashley asked for. Thanks you two! Can’t wait for your wedding in October!!

(Check out the slideshow below for a few more pics 🙂 )

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



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Reasons You Should Do A Boudoir Session | Destination Wedding and Boudoir Photographer


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…at least once in your life!

One of the best things about my job is after it’s all said and done. After the meetings, the emails, and maybe even phone calls, the planning, the contract, and the actual session, the halo-music-playing-in-the-background-moment is when my clients first see their products. We meet, we chat, and then BAM! There it is.

The expression in itself gives off that kind of energy that makes me smile and know that it was all worth it. So why the title? Why “Reasons You Should Do a Boudoir Session at Least Once In Your Life!” ? I want to share with you the wonderful note that one of my past clients sent to me the other day. She flew down from Ireland to do this boudoir shoot so she could surprise her fiancé with an incredible wedding gift the night they would get married:

“Carolina is an absolute gem! From the first introductory email to the final product, she was reliable, consistent and a pleasure to work with. I wanted to give my fiancé something he’d really treasure for his wedding present. When a friend of mine recommended doing a boudoir session with Carolina, I was a bit uneasy. I’ve always seen myself as a sporty, ordinary girl. I’ve never felt sexy or elegant, so I was apprehensive as to if I would be suitable for boudoir. But when I met Carolina, I instantly relaxed. She was bubbly, positive and attentive to my concerns with my body. She allowed me to put away all my worries about the session and just have fun. It was an amazing experience, but the biggest reward arrived after our shoot when I was able to see my pictures. Her ability to capture your innate beauty is unbelievable! This experience has allowed me to see myself as the beautiful woman I have become. Even better, my fiancé will have a wonderful keepsake of this special time in our lives. All in all, boudoir is a life-changing experience, and Carolina is a talented, fabulous gal with keen attention to showcasing your best bits! 🙂 “ ~ Julie G.


Thank you for letting me be a part of such a great experience!

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