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I can’t believe how much I enjoy writing these articles each week, and the response I’m getting is just fabulous, so at least I know some people are reading these (even though feel free to comment and show me some love below too! 😉 )

I hope you have all had a very safe and re-charging weekend. I for one, am more than ready for today…because today, I start my workout program! Yep, 60 days of pure “Beachbody” and I am more than ready to work on myself to become a healthier and happier lady who will honor her body and health from this day forth! 😀

So with that said, in today’s article, I will give you a couple of tips on how to choose the perfect boudoir photographer for you and some important things to consider before you start on your own personal photo session.

Digital photography is one of the most popular forms of expressions in this new era, and becoming so common that you can hardly go anywhere without seeing at least one camera somewhere. And with boudoir photography or ‘pin-up’ sessions being re-introduced and becoming more acceptable in this generation, there are many photographers out there who now offer this type of service just about everywhere. So, in something as intimate as boudoir, it’s important to ask your photographer some very crucial questions before choosing the right one for you. 

A beautiful portfolio showcasing a style of work that you can see yourself in is a must! Can you picture yourself doing the things in the samples? Is the retouching overdone or is there something you don’t really like? By viewing their previous work, you will get a sample of how your images should look after your boudoir session. The photography style may vary from studio to studio and some boudoir photographers shoot more “spicy” images than others, so the question boils down to: what are you looking for? Do you like the classic pin-up look, or are you going for the more sensual style? Do you prefer your images to look tasteful and classy and how will emotions be captured? Remember, no professional will actually require a model release (a signed form stating you give official permission for the publications and use of your images) especially in boudoir photography, and it’s important to request this information before your actually session. You never know where your pictures may pop up with the Internet these days and there is little control of where they will appear after they have gone on the web.

It is also important to get someone who specializes in this field! You see, there are many steps that clients aren’t aware of when it comes to boudoir photography: makeup and hair services, retouching of images, who the images are intended for, helping the client with posing, lighting for the perfect body, different sets, and even outfits are all key in creating intimate portraits to set the mood, the feel, and the final look for your images.

The other day, a young aspiring photographer contacted me regarding a question about one of her upcoming boudoir sessions she was supposed to photograph. After I answered her in an email, I was surprised to receive an immediate response back asking me how to shoot a boudoir session step by step. She confessed that even though this was her first paying client in boudoir, that she was very nervous and that she didn’t know anything about how to set her prices, how to light for it, or even how to pose her client. She was doing everything possible to teach herself how to do this in the little time left before the actual shoot and was researching this field online because she did not want to “mess up.” Her specialty was family and kids portraits, and while her work was actually quite nice, she still didn’t know anything about this other field of photography.

Here’s an example: a dentist is a doctor; yet, he specializes in something completely different than a heart surgeon does, right? You wouldn’t let your dentist do a heart surgery on you and vice versa. The same applies to photographers. Some people can photograph just about anything, but you will be much happier with the results if you look for those who actually focus on a particular field.

I’ve listed some questions below that you can ask yourself (or the studio) before making the final decision on the right boudoir photographer for you:

• Do you prefer a male or a female to do your boudoir session?

• Does your photographer have experience in this field?

• Does the style and portfolio of the images match what you’re looking for?

• Are there different styles to shooting a boudoir session in case you’re not as comfortable?

• Does your photographer help you with the planning process of your session (outfits, concepts, etc.)

• Does your photographer provide a signed contract for the shoot?

• Do you have an option to include hair and makeup in your session?

• Where is the session going to be held (studio, on-location, home, hotel)?

• Can you bring someone with you to the shoot?

• Will you have the option to meet with your photographer to view the images personally or is everything done online?

• Is it required to sign a model release?

• Where on the internet will the images be posted, if you do sign a model release?

• Are the images retouched?

• Is retouching included in the price?

In the end, if you’re comfortable with your photographer, you may have just met your match! Choosing your photographer may not be the same as choosing your future husband, but it sure does help knowing a few things before you make this type of investment, since these images will be that token that reminds you of your flawless beauty forever 😉

Images featured in this blog are of the beautiful Miss Leila Cetina, Kassidy Menace, Samantha Flynn & Sabrina Sin, from the Haunted Heel Fashion Event in Kemah, TX last month. Make sure you check out the links below to see where you can go for these fabulous accessories (or if you liked the location of such a sassy place, because the owner is now renting out the space to us awesome artists to shoot at!).

I hope this helps you plan for your boudoir session!
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Hostess: Sabrina Sin

Wardrobe: The Haunted Heel



1-Zone 504 Bar

2-The Wine Down Bistro

Other Sponsors: The Black Iguana

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