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One of my most frequent asked questions is to describe what I do. Usually after I verbalize what it is, some people get this glitch of excitement in their eyes, while others simply turn away uncomfortably. In the end, I have always believed that boudoir can be for everyone, whether you’re shy or outgoing, young or old, tall or short, or even have doubts about your own body. I mean, at some point in our lives, don’t we all? Boudoir is an experience that allows your true inner self to come out and express itself in ways you never thought possible. So here is a small attempt at defining what it’s all about:

The definition of Boudoir Photography is by nature intimate and revealing, yet can vary in style depending on how a woman wants to experience it. Most describe it as liberating, sexy, and even life changing; yet, for those who truly consider doing it, most feelings can quickly turn into doubt and anxiety just thinking about what it will be like to sit in front of a camera.

It’s important to keep in mind that any experience that pushes a person to reach outside of their comfort zone can bring on worries at first. To experience a boudoir session is the kind of involvement that can help you establish a new relationship and appreciation for your body by seeing it through new eyes. It allows you to take on the persona of a captivating exhibitionist and helps you learn to push through your previously assumed points of concerns or what we tend to refer most commonly to as “issues.”

Yet my style goes far beyond making you sit in front of the camera and telling you to smile. To get you to express emotion is to say the least! I get you involved, I get you active, I get you excited, from the beginning creation process until the actual day of your session. What do you want your images to show, what feelings do you want them to evoke? Is it for you? Is it for him? What are some of his thoughts or fantasies?

In the end, it’s a pathway towards a production to share the same visions and create ART to reveal the human form in it’s most honest and beautiful moment. Boudoir is the creation of that “intimate portrait” with thought provoking emotions that lead you to embrace the beauty that is in you, revealed outwardly. It’s a time where you get to celebrate who you are and love yourself for it completely. And when you do…

…the results are astonishing. How could they not be?

It is you…revealed.

This article features Krystal by the way. We did her session a few months back to surprise her boyfriend with a custom made calendar for his birthday in June. Once again I had to bite my tongue and tie my fingers so I wouldn’t reveal any of these beautiful images we created together and share them with the world…believe me, it was not an easy task but the surprise was completely worth it! We did her session during a boudoir party that was held at Hotel Icon in downtown Houston. Quite an astonishing little hotel! You can read an earlier post that features images of Nikki that was done that same day by clicking here.

With the help of one friend, Krystal chose a total of 12 different outfit for each month! Here are some out-takes of her final designed calendar 😉

Xoxo my loves!
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